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BRUGAROLAS ARQUITECTOS, the trade name of US BUILT SLP, is a professional firm dedicated to the development of architecture, town planning and design projects.

The team  leader’s experience starts in 1989, as a professional and as a businessman within this sector.

The human team is made up of young professionals with different disciplines and a variety of academic qualifications in order to provide the end client with a complete service by combining business consultancy, maxrketing, project management and production, coordination and management of works and after-sales care into one single, integrated process.

Brugarolas Arquitectos is part of INTEGRALE INGENEERING.



The company currently offers the following professional services:



• Architectural drafting (planning and development of architecture and construction, installation and structure calculations).
• Project Manager.
• Coordination of works (supervision and technical support).
• Management of works.



• Drafting of Planning Instruments and Land Management.



• Industrial Design Projects, Design of Furnishings and Lighting.


The company is committed to processes that guarantee to improve service quality and target the specific needs of each client and has been duly rewarded with the IS0 9001 quality certification in Architectural Project Development, Works Management and Industrial Design.

Our clients come from all different areas: central, regional and local administration, property developers and construction companies, private clients and cooperatives and each is afforded the utmost attention and dedication, in the knowledge that the involvement of creativity in their interest will yield much more satisfying results.

Most of our works originate from architecture tenders – the most important opportunity that we have to measure ourselves against current professional competition.

Our ideas are born of the culture and society of these times.  We venture urban and architectonic proposals that are viable and reasonable right at this moment. We develop methodologies and mobilise the precise resources needed to carry them out.  We are sceptics in the face of certain ideological a priori philosophies, fashions and styles.  We defend fundamental aspects of architecture against those that are strictly accidental and we believe in tectonic possibilities, constructive realism and research into feasible systems rather than blind fascination with technology.


Since 2008 our company has expanded its international division, acquiring experience in different sectors in various countries, mainly regarding public equipment and transport infrastructure.